The Daily Annoyance April 28

Dr. Dad Bod
2 min readApr 28, 2023

Today, I am annoyed by people who walk around saying that NFL Players get paid too much.

Usually, this particular gripe comes up after the first day of the NFL draft, which was yesterday. Average Joes and Janes alike become peeved that some 21 year old is getting a massive amount of dinero for playing a child’s game, and they get jealous and say things like “They should have to give a certain amount to charity” or simply “They get paid too much”.

They do NOT get paid too much. They get paid what they should get paid for having an astounding talent and, in most cases, a matching work ethic because at their level EVERYONE is super talented so talent isn’t enough

In case you forgot, Damar Hamlin almost died right on the field. When huge men slam into each other at breakneck speeds, anything can happen.

Football players risk their lives when they play. Perhaps that sounds dramatic , but it is the truth. There is an inherent risk every time they put on their equipment and go out there to compete. They know they will most likely have a very brief career that could end at any time, and they deserve to cash in as much as humanly possible during whatever time they have.

Furthermore, you can bet that all of the owners use alogrithms to determine just how much capital they should invest on a player to insure that they will make a certain return on their investment. The players are the pawns that line the owner’s pockets, and , once again, I hope every one of them milks as much money as possible because it is the men in the arena who bring in the crowds, not the men and women sitting comfortably in posh owners’ boxes as the players exhilarate the crowds.

Extremely talented people have advantages, and how anyone can blame them for cashing in on those advantages is beyond me.

So, if you think football players get paid too much- you’re wrong.



Dr. Dad Bod

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