Mentally Picture Your Parents Having Sex

More specifically, picture them having sex on the occasion from which you are a direct result.

Do you realize that the typical male ejaculation carries 200 to 300 million sperm ? And, your mom was born with around 600 million eggs?

That means that the odds of you resulting from that occasion were miraculously low! You got a shot at the big game, and you won an impossible lottery to get here.

When you factor in that your parents resulted from the one “roll in the hay” from THEIR parents and that your personal past had to happen exactly the way it did since the start of time or you wouldn’t have ended up here to read this shitty essay, you can really see how extraordinary the odds were stacked against an individual existence are.

Yet here you are.

Stop reading this shitty essay (it’s over anyway) and have your unlikely ass a great day!


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Dr. Dad Bod

I am a husband, father, teacher, and soccer coach, and aspiring writer residing in Northern Virginia. More than anything, I love having fun and pushing myself!